Comparing Quotations

A Crutch Bros team member and client during a removal in SevenoaksOnce your chosen removals companies have been to survey your house, and you have received your quotations, how do you choose which company to use?

If you have received quotations from companies who have not been to survey your house, ask yourself, ‘How can they know what my full requirements are and what they are dealing with?’ The answer is they cannot!

Whilst price is obviously a major factor in choosing a removal company, think of the other factors that may be important to you – has the removal company provided a schedule for your move that you are comfortable with? How will special and valuable items be dealt with? Does the company have a proven track record and can they provide genuine testimonials?

Like for Like Quotations

When you have received your quotations, ensure that you are comparing ‘like for like’, as not all companies include everything in their quotation, especially insurance and VAT.

The cost of your move will largely be based on the volume of goods the removal company has to transport. If the volume of goods is not similar for each removals company (they will rarely be exactly the same, but should be close to each other), call the removals company to find out why. Perhaps a company has forgotten to include such areas as lofts, garden sheds or garages.

Are the same services being offered? Ensure that any services you have requested are included in the quotation, and are hot hidden extras you will incur at a later date.

And do check that VAT and insurance are included in your quotation, as this can make a big difference to the final bill.

Comparing Quality

It is very easy for less reputable removals companies to portray a professional image – all they need is a fancy website and some shiny brochures, but these do not help when the time has come to move – by this point it is too late.

Ensure that the company you choose is a member of the National Guild of Removers and Storers, a body that fully audits a removals company before allowing membership. Guild members will have also completed the ‘Compulsory Scheme Approved Inspection Programme’ – look at the NGRS link on our homepage or click here for more details.

Finally, check the companies’ testimonials, usually found on their website. Do remember though that anybody can write a testimonial and post it on their website – ensure to the best of your ability that the testimonials are genuine!

Comparing Price

Whilst price is obviously a major factor in choosing your removals company, it should not be the only consideration – the cheapest is not usually the best. Remember, the house you are moving to is almost certainly not the cheapest house on the market!

Consider whether you are looking for the cheapest possible move, or a stress free move offering value for money to achieve your moving goals.

Additionally, consider the following:

Does your removals company have a proven track record? If not, the risk of damage is increased, and having to make insurance claims can be time consuming and an inconvenience.

Can your removals company cope with any issues that may arise on moving day such as vehicle breakdowns or an item that is difficult to manoeuvre? Professional removals companies have the resources to deal with such issues quickly and efficiently should they arise, ensuring that your move remains stress free.

Always ensure you get your quotation and contract in writing, and that all the services you require, including VAT and insurance, are included.

Decision Time ……..

Once you have taken into account the above, and assuming all the companies offer the same levels of service, have a proven track record, are members of The National Guild of Removers and Storers and the volume of items to be moved is roughly the same, then it is down to personal preference – which company do you prefer? Who did you feel most comfortable with from the initial contact, through to your survey and finally your quotation? Which company has inspired the most confidence?

Finally, most reputable removals companies intend to provide a fair and realistic price for the services they offer. However, if you believe you have been offered a lower price for like for like standards and services from a reputable removals company, don’t be afraid to discuss the cost with your preferred removals company.

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